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Post Tension Design offers three types of designs for post-tensioned slab foundations.  Each of these methods results in a prestressed concrete slab that is designed to respond as a unit when subjected to unusual and/or unplanned deflections from the building pad.  Most of these deflections are caused by soil activity in the form of expansion, shrinkage or differential movement across the building pad brought about by minor settlement.

  • The Post-tensioned Ribbed Slab 
  • The Post-tensioned Mat Slab
  • The California Post-tensioned Slab

The degree to which one of these designs may be the most effective for a particular project depends to great extent upon the judgment of the post-tension engineer as well as that of the projects' other design professionals.  For this reason and whenever possible, the post-tension engineer should be included as a part of the design team early in the planning stages.

By their very nature, post-tensioning tendons are an active concrete reinforcement that by design contain a large reserve of tensile strength that's always on-call when needed.  As applied in any of these three methods this property not only provides effective crack control but goes a long way toward limiting the destructive effects of subgrade movement upon the foundation's superstructure.




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